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Silicone Grease


A lubricant for rubber seals, rubber and plastic switches and toroidal sealing rings, and for the assembly of metal/plastic, metal/rubber and plastic/plastic combinations. It lubricates valves, pumps, worm screws, compressors, meters, taps, plastic mechanisms. It protects electrical and electronic systems. It isolates vehicle and watercraft ignition systems against humidity. It is a select polydimethyl silicone fluid-based infusible lubricant for the lubrication of cable and battery clamp connectors, taps, winches, precision mechanisms. It lubricates within a temperature range between -40°C and +200°C. It is resistant to fresh and salt, hot and cold water. Odourless and colourless.

Product information
ImageProduct code/nameEANPCS
Grasso al silicone 100 ml5001 - Grasso al silicone 100 ml800256505001012