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Renews, polishes and protects tyres and other rubber parts

BLACK COSMO was created to take care of your car tyres and preserve them in optimal condition over time. Polishing, protective and brightening. The product protects against cracking and weathering and is suitable for the care of all rubber parts of the car. Thanks to its innovative components and special formulation, it is non-greasy and non-sticky: it penetrates into the pores of the tyre and protects it over time. Applied correctly and frequently, the benefits will be shiny, well-maintained tyres that are safe when travelling and protected from the sun, high temperatures, various weather conditions, rough roads and the accumulation of dust and dirt (elements that accelerate tyre ageing and adversely affect tyre performance).
DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Clean and dry the treated part. Pour a small amount of product onto a sponge or brush and apply evenly to dry tyres. Allow to dry. If the tyres are particularly deteriorated, repeat the operation.
We recommend applying BLACK COSMO when changing summer tyres for winter tyres (and vice versa) both on tyres to be stored (before placing them in a dry, clean place and covering them with a protective cover) and on tyres to be mounted. By doing so, they will remain supple
and in good shape all the time.

Product information
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Black Cosmo - DEEP TIRE REGENERATOR8091 - Black Cosmo - DEEP TIRE REGENERATOR800256508091812