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Fresca Foglia Dog


Innovative formula designed for those who take their do in the car, with odour molecule additive Long-lasting quality fragrance, also designed to be pleasing to dogs Delicated fragrances that respect the dog's acute sense of smell Repellent additive to prevent the dog biting and swallowing the product 4 fragrances: Balsamic, give your car a breath of fresh air with this purifying and decongesting fregance. Citrus, the fizzy note of citrus fragrance provides energy and vitality while at the same time performing an antibacterial and disinfectant action. Bouquet, a relaxing floral fragrance with a predominance of lavender, with antiseptic and anti-parasitic properties. Talc, a light eneveloping and relaxing breeze generating a feeling of calm and well-being.

Product information
ImageProduct code/nameEANPCS
Fresca Foglia DOG Balsamic1853 - Fresca Foglia DOG Balsamic800256501853924
Fresca Foglia DOG Bouquet1855 - Fresca Foglia DOG Bouquet800256501855324
Fresca Foglia DOG Talc1856 - Fresca Foglia DOG Talc800256501856024