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Fresca Foglia Boccettino


Liquid car air freshener to hang on the rear-view mirror. Its special ayous wood cap, once impregnated with fragrance, spreads a fresh and pleasant scent with varying intensity. Creates a pleasant atmosphere inside the car. Fresca Foglia Boccettino is available in seven different fragrances: vanilla, wild strawberry, pour femme, pour homme, vetiver, cool water and mint pine.

Product information
ImageProduct code/nameEANPCS
Fresca Foglia cool water16631 - Fresca Foglia cool water800256501663412
Fresca Foglia pinewood19091 - Fresca Foglia pinewood800256501909312
Fresca Foglia pour femme19551 - Fresca Foglia pour femme800256501578112
Fresca Foglia pour homme15791 - Fresca Foglia pour homme800256501579812
Fresca Foglia vanilla15721 - Fresca Foglia vanilla800256501572912
Fresca Foglia vetiver16621 - Fresca Foglia vetiver800256501662712
Fresca Foglia  Orange Candy19561 - Fresca Foglia Orange Candy800256501956712

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