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Fresca Foglia Classic Tris


Felt paper air freshener: control the fragrance by adjusting the amount of exposed surface. Available in this money saving format, blister pack of 3, in special 3 for 2 offer.3 classic fragrances: Pine (code 1639) - Vanilla (code 1640) - No-smoke (code 1641).

Product information
ImageProduct code/nameEANPCS
Fresca foglia classic tris Tre cartoncini16391 - Fresca foglia classic tris Tre cartoncini800256501639924
Vaniglia Tre cartoncini1640 - Vaniglia Tre cartoncini800256501640524
Fresca Aria Tre cartoncini1641 - Fresca Aria Tre cartoncini800256501641224
Pour Homme Tre cartoncini1808 - Pour Homme Tre cartoncini800256501808924
Tris Ocean + Lavender + Tropical1478 - Tris Ocean + Lavender + Tropical800256501478424
Mista (PVF) Tre cartoncini19041 - Mista (PVF) Tre cartoncini800256501904824