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Petrol LPG System Cleaner


This additive is specifically formulated for direct use in the LPG tank. It eliminates humidity, build-up, sulphurous debris, ammonia, pollutants, from the tank and pressure reducer, keeping them clean over time. It cleans and lubricates the injectors or electrovalves in the LPG gas fuel system, in liquid or gaseous state. It guarantees regular combustion, easy cold starts, it reduces maintenance costs on the entire LPG system. Dose for a full LPG tank (30/40 lt). To maintain the benefits, repeat the treatment every 3/4 months or 10,000 Km.

Product information
ImageProduct code/nameEANPCS
Pulitore impianto gpl 120 ml9837 - Pulitore impianto gpl 120 ml8002565098371