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My World Is (Gel)


Air vent car fragrance. Its latest generation concentrated silicone-based GEL formula has revolutionised the concept of car fragrance. The minimal packaging does not intrude on the appearance of your dashboard, while containing a high quantity of scent at the same time. 6 fragrances from faraway lands and in different styles, to suit the style of the individual choosing it: your driving experience will turn into a unique journey for the senses. Thanks to its gel formula, it does not drip and is suitable for any type of air vent! My world is comes in 6 fragrances: My world is FREE (code 1501) - My world is BOUQUET (code 1502) - My world is TROPICAL (code 1503) - My world is MARINE (code 1505) - My world is FIZZY (code 1507) - My world is PASSION (code 1508).