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Legal Notes
The terms and conditions below regulate the use of this Website. Although these notes may seem long, we believe it is important that the user read them carefully before using or accessing this Website.

In this publication, AREXONS – Italian Division of PETRONAS LUBRICANTS ITALY S.p.A. – it is identified as "PETRONAS"

The terms and conditions therein may occasionally be changed without notification. By accessing this Website, the user recognises and accepts these terms and conditions, as well as their potential revisions. If the user should not agree with these terms and conditions, he or she is requested not to access this Website.

Guarantees and exclusion of liability
Although the utmost care has been taken to ensure the precision of the information, declarations, texts, articles, data, images, videos, web pages, and other material contained and published in this Website, (hereinafter "MATERIAL"), PETROLIAM NASIONAL BERHAD (PETRONAS), their affiliates and subsidiaries, as well as their management, supervisors, and employees (hereinafter collectively referred to as “we”), abstain from providing any declaration or guarantee concerning the precision, reliability, quality, truthfulness, adequacy, and comprehensiveness of the above-mentioned MATERIAL. We reserve the right to add, cancel, or modify the MATERIAL without prior notification.

We assume no responsibility concerning imprecisions or omissions in this Website. We also decline any and all responsibility for direct or indirect damages or losses, whether special or consequential of any nature, directly or indirectly deriving from the access or use of this Website and reliability afforded to the MATERIAL contained herein. Any decision made by the user based on the MATERIAL is the exclusive responsibility of the user him/herself.

This Website may also contain information from third parties, in relation to which we provide no declaration or guarantee.

We do not guarantee that the functioning and operations of this Website are uninterrupted or without errors, that the defects are corrected or that the site itself or the server that makes it available are free of IT viruses or other prejudicial elements.

The MATERIAL contained in this Website in no way will constitute, or will it be thought to constitute, an invitation to invest in PETRONAS, in their subsidiaries or affiliates, or an invitation by PETRONAS, their subsidiaries or affiliates to make contact with the user.

In this Website, the affirmations relative to the expected results of exploration, production and refining, together with the relative costs in terms of capital and investments, to the expected demand, to the capacity to extract crude oil and natural gas, to the conformity and environmental reclamation, to the demand for petroleum and petrol-chemical products, and the relative costs in terms of capital and investments, to future capital in general, to the generation of future credits, to sales to clients, to cash flow, to costs, to the reduction of costs, to debts, to the demand, to the transfers, to dividends, to proceeds, to efficiency, to the debt-equity ratio, to growth, to strategy, to trends, to the reserve and productivity, together with the declarations containing words like "believe", "predict", "anticipate", and similar expressions, can constitute evaluations and hypotheses on future events.

These affirmations are subject to risks and uncertainties, like the economic situation in Malaysia and in countries where we work on an international level, the increase in legal limitations in Malaysia and in such countries, the variations in the legislation that controls importations and duties, payments and taxes on importations on international markets or in Malaysia, price variations and the demand for products we supply, in both Malaysia and on international markets, due to competitive actions and economic factors. These evaluations and hypotheses on future events are also subject to risks of increase costs related to the relative technologies, as well as results effectively produced by the latter and fulfilment of obligations by third parties according to specific contractual terms and conditions.

If one or more of these uncertainties or risks, among others, should materialise, the actual results may vary considerably compared to existing, anticipated or predicted estimates. More specifically, but with no limiting intent, capital costs may increase, the projects may be delayed, and the improvements expected in terms of capacity or performance may not be fully attained. Although we believe that the expectations of our Management, expressed in such evaluation and hypotheses on future events, are reasonable according to the information currently available, no guarantees can be provided concerning the fact that they will actually be correct. Consequently, the user is discouraged from fully relying on the evaluation and hypotheses of future events. We assume no obligation to update or revise these evaluations and hypotheses on future events, either following the potential availability of new information, the occurrence of future events or something else.

The MATERIAL contained in this Website is protected by Malaysian copyright law, international treaties, and laws on intellectual property. All rights are reserved.

© 2001 Petroliam Nasional Berhad (PETRONAS)

If not otherwise specified, the MATERIAL contained in this Website is the exclusive property of Petroliam Nasional Berhad (PETRONAS) or of the other entities indicated. The user is authorised to access this Website and copy reasonable information contained herein only for one's own personal use, not for profit or education, provided that each page bears the copyright, the declaration or the attribution of a trademark that appears on the pages copies. The MATERIAL cannot be copied, displayed, distributed, downloaded, elaborated, modified, published, re-posted, reproduced, reused, resold, transmitted, used to produce works deriving from or in any case used for public or commercial purposes.

The word "PETRONAS" and the PETRONAS logo in the shape of a drop of oil (the "PETRONAS Corporate Trademarks") are commercial and service trademarks registered owned by Petroliam Nasional Berhad (PETRONAS). The trademarks of our subsidiaries, affiliates and commercial partner may also appear on this Website. The user is prohibited from displaying or using the PETRONAS corporate trademarks or other trademarks appearing on this Website in any way, unless previously and expressly authorised in writing.

Linking and Framing
Any website accessible or connected by links to this Website is not necessary posted under our control. We are not responsible for the contents of some sites connected via links or for the links contained therein, nor for changes or updates of the information found on these sites. We assume no responsibility in relation to the above-mentioned sites or links. The user is obliged to know and observe the declarations on privacy and the terms of use reported on any website connected to this one buy links. We provide the user with the websites connected by links only for convenience and the insertion of this type of links on this Website does not necessarily imply our approval of the site itself, of the entity that manages it or the products and service offered by that organisation.

The user is not allowed to frame this Website or connect it via links to a page other than the home page, without having previously obtained express authorisation. All the requests, accompanied by the information relative to the URL of the Web page/s that the user proposes to connect via links to this Website must be sent to:

Via Antica di Cassano 23
I - 20063 Cernusco sul Naviglio (MI)
Telephone +39.02.924361

We are not obliged to grant authorisation to the user to connect via links to this Website and we reserve the right to withdraw the right at any time.

The exclusion of responsibility to third party Websites The pages on this Website contain links (or "hyperlink") to other Websites managed by third parties, the contents of which are not known to PETRONAS. We limit ourselves to facilitate access to these Websites and decline any and all responsibility for their contents. Our links to other third-party Websites have the sole purpose of facilitating the user's navigation. The declarations contained on the pages connected by means of links cannot be attributed to us. On the contrary, we explicitly disassociate ourselves from all the contents of third-party pages connected by means of links to our Website. In particular, we decline any and all responsibility for potential violations of legal provision or illicit behaviours by third parties through such pages. Concerning Websites accessible via the hyperlinks present on the PETRONAS site, the respective owners are solely responsible for these pages, for the potential sale of products proposed therein, and for the management of relative orders.

We decline any and all responsibility in case of copyright, trademark or other intellectual or personal property violation that may occur on a page accessible via a hyperlink.

In case of an order or other legal declaration relative to a transaction, a contract will be exclusively stipulated between the user and the owner of the Website in question or the relative party or person making the offer, in no case between PETRONAS and the user. Please read the general sales conditions of the relative suppler on the Website connected via hyperlink.

We respect the privacy of the users of our Website. We declare that the information provided solely for identification purposes will not be traded, sold, or leased to companies outside of the PETRONAS Group. The user's name and personal information will be used only for correspondence purposes.

While all the personal identity information will be protect by our privacy provisions, any other information transmitted to us and provided by the user through this Website will not be considered of a confidential nature and therefore grant us the right to use it, royalty-free, unlimited and irrevocable, for the purposes we deem opportune.

The user, in fact, is expressly prohibited to post or transmit to/from this Website any information of an illegal, threatening, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, or profane nature or that may give rise to penal or civil liability.

The use of this Website and the application of the terms and conditions contained herein will be regulated according to Italian law. Any dispute deriving from or relative to this Website, including the terms and conditions explained here, will fall under the exclusive jurisdiction of Italian Courts.

Copyright 2009 PETRONAS Legal Notes

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