We are the leaders in car, industry and home maintenance products and technology.

Guiding innovation to compete as main actors.
The spirit of the founding Verri brothers, authentic pioneers, has been the inspiration for 90 years of Arexons business.
Arexons was the first company to offer

  • universal multi-purpose lubricants/penetrating oils,
  • anti-rust agents,
  • silicone liquid seals,
  • anti-freeze
  • amino-functional silicones in cleaning products
  • fluorinated gases combined with wax.

Every innovation has always translated into high quality and high performance products with the guarantee of testing carried out in full respect of the environment and observance of legal regulations.
This commitment has unfalteringly added to our success on the market, to the point of transforming Arexons brands and names into product categories.
The most well-known:
SVITOL multi-purpose lubricant/penetrating oil,
FEROX rust converter,
FULCRON multi-purpose grease remover,
ROLIN concentrated protective radiator fluid,
MOTORSIL D silicone liquid seal,
MIRAGE protective car wax,
SMASH dashboard cleaner,
DP 1 windshield washer fluid,
DIESEL MIX anti-freeze additive for diesel fuel,
FRESCA FOGLIA a range of air fresheners for car and small indoor spaces,
AIRTECH CAR the new range of car air fresheners for air vent application,
WIZZY, a complete range of moist towels for car care and cleaning.

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