Since 1925, Arexons has been a successful Italian business, with products that are part of the history of car care and maintenance.

The Twenties The automobile is changing the world.
20 million cars are already circulating in the United States, and 4 million are being manufactured every year. In Detroit, the first assembly chain built by Henry Ford, is churning out the famous Ford T non-stop.
The situation in Italy is a bit different. 49,000 vehicles are produced every year, and the car has still not reached its boom.
It is during this time that the three brothers, Achille, Angelo and Carlo Verri, from Milan, decide to launch into a challenge that will take them very far.
The story begins with a renowned industrialist of that time, one of Achille Verri's closest friends, who comes back from a trip to the States. He comes back with stories, anecdotes, news and interesting facts from the country that symbolises well-being and progress. But most importantly, he comes back with a few cans of a strange, dark, dense, sticky substance...Indian Shellac. “Over there mechanics use it to seal engine seals, and it works really well”.
Achille Verri was thunderstruck.
He immediately realises that the contents of this tin, that ended up in his hands completely by chance, contains an absolute fortune.

1925, Arexons was founded
1925. In a very short amount of time Pik, a seal putty, the first product manufactured by the brand new “Industria Italiana di prodotti chimici per l’auto (Italian Chemical Product for Automobiles Manufacturing Company)” known as Arexons.
Arexons products are an immediate success and in a very short amount of time they become essential to mechanics and car owners for car maintenance. Soon, many other products are available in addition to the seal putty. One of these products is the legendary Svitol Multi-purpose Lubricant, in 1938.
In 1950, following an increase in capital, the company changes name, becoming “Società Italiana prodotti per Auto e Locomozione S.I.P.A.L. Arexons SpA”.
The number of employees increases, in addition to 15 sales representatives. FIAT is supplying Italy with cars, timeless legends are born, such as the Vespa and the Topolino, the economic boom brings a car to each family: Arexon products for car care become a household name.
When Achille Verri passed away in 1962 his vision was fully satisfied: the range of Pik "Seal Putties", Svitol multi-purpose penetrating lubricant and Rolin Fluid for radiators transformed the once small company into a leader in the industry.
In the '80s Arexons is an established brand that distinguishes products that are always new and cutting-edge, the company is always young, constantly investigating new ideas.
The founding spirit and the desire to invent will always be in the DNA of the men at the company.

2007, Arexons enters Petronas
At the end of 2007, the private American fund KKR transfers FL Selenia, and therefore also Arexons, to PETRONAS, the acronym for Petroliam Nasional Berhad, i.e. the state agency for gas and petroleum of Malaysia.
2013. More than 80 years have passed since the beginning of the Verri brothers' adventure and today some of the Arexon brands have become product synonyms, which is what happened with Svitol, one of Arexons top products.
Today Arexons is an example of the quality of the Made in Italy label. Approximately 130 people work at the facility and offices at Cernusco Sul Naviglio. All of the products are distinguished by excellent value for money, and buying one of our products is a quality choice that supports Italian manufacturing.

The philosophy of constant innovation, investment, quality, focus on the consumer and researching new technologies has always been the basis of our work and commitment at Arexons.

Arexons: for 90 years we have been taking care of your most precious belongings!

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