System TN250 Copper anti-seize compound

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Anti-seize lubricant for bolts, flanges, joints in Diesel engines, in pumps for chemical products, for engine bolts, for bolts and joints in high temperature oil pumps, for construction equipment bolts and cables, for refinery pumps, pipe flanges, steel plants, farming machinery. For iron, steel, cast iron, aluminium, copper, brass. Lubricant containing copper particles which form a protection, avoiding the fusion of metal surfaces under strong pressure. It protects threads against corrosion, seizing and wear, as well as combustion engines against fusion. It is wash and salt-water-resistant. It is inert to gases (propane, butane, freon and nitrogen). It resists very high temperatures (up to +1100°C). Easy disassembly and repairs, it maintains threads and allows treated mechanical parts to be re-used. Sprayed on both sides of pre-formed seals, it increases pressure and temperature tightness. Copper-brown.

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AN251 Copper anti-seize

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