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Motorblack - Black


Single component silicone elastomer with acetic cross-linking system. Its technical properties are superior in comparison to normal silicones, making it possible to use the product in the motoring industry, which requires resistance capacities at particularly adverse temperatures and pressures, resistance to solvents, lubricating fluids and mechanical stress. The product is specific for sealing oil sumps in ""Fire"" engines and is recommended for use in the industrial sector as a sealant for moving parts in machines, such as, for example, pumps, turbines, compressors and as an alternative to pre-formed seals. In the electrical sector it is used as an insulator. It is suitable for gluing on pre-polymerised silicone and any condition requiring seals that are resistant to high temperatures, oils and solvents. The oil sump can be filled just 45 minutes after use. Ideal for all engine uses and where sealant is needed. Working temperature: between -70°C and +250°C with peaks up to +300°C. It does not damage catalytic converters.

Product information
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Motorblack - nera 60 gr0094 - Motorblack - nera 60 gr800256500094724