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Thanks to its high-tech formula in silicone-based GEL concentrate, this products revolutionises the concept of car air fresheners. 

A minimal shape and an innovative system. For the first time, the double containers that can be opened individually allow you to choose the intensity of the scent. Four different fragrances will accompany you while driving by lightly scenting or completely wrapping you in the scent.

Four different fragrances: 

Nature (cod. 1861): A wild, intense and aromatic fragrance with a hint of mint and flowers. 

Marine (cod 1858): Un profumo fresco, profondo, come il mare, con note di muschio bianco, vetiver e leg no di cedro. A scent that is fresh and deep, like the sea, with white musk, vetiver and cedar wood notes. 

Breeze (cod. 1860): A summer and refreshing scent with honeysuckle and citrus notes. 

Tropical (cod. 1859): Inspired by tropical resorts, it has the typical fruity fragrance with melon, banana, kiwi and cinnamon notes. 

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Format and size

Product EAN Pcs per box
1858 - Marine 8002565018584 12
1859 - Tropical 8002565018591 12
1860 - Breeze 8002565018607 12
1861 - Nature 8002565018614 12

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1858 - Marine 1858.jpg
1859 - Tropical 1859.jpg
1860 - Breeze 1860.jpg
1861 - Nature 1861.jpg

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