What type of windshield washer fluid should I use?

First of all, it is important not to use simple water in the windshield or headlight washer system. Hard water build-up could clog the nozzles and compromise good system operation. Windshield washer fluids contain additives against build-up, preventing nozzles from clogging and preserving efficient system operation.
Another aspect that makes it important to use quality detergents such as Arexons is that they contain the right balance of detergent, so as to ensure good cleaning power without leaving streaks that could reduce visibility and compromise safety.
Lastly, it is important to be careful of the season and the temperatures that your car, and therefore the windshield washer system, is exposed to. At very low temperatures, an unsuitable fluid could freeze, causing parts of the system to break.  Arexons offers specific fluids depending on specific conditions of use.
Basically: never use regular water and do not rely on poor quality products. A good windshield washer is composed of at least 5 ingredients, specifically selected to provide the best cleaning action, without streaking and without leaving debris in the system. With Arexons DP1 line, you are guaranteed perfect results and you are protecting the good operation of your windshield washing system over time.

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