Fuel additives with Winroad technology

“Winroad Technology” is the name of the innovative technology developed and designed at Arexon laboratories. Winroad tecnology involves 4 new formulative principles that guarantee optimal maintenance of engine operation and performance. 

1. “One tank” Injector cleaning, results after a single treatment.
Over time injectors get dirty and covered with build-up, making cold starts more difficult, increasing fuel consumption, and increasing noise and power loss. The new formula guarantees clean injectors after a single treatment, helping you resolve the problem effectively and quickly. Relative additives: Petrol, Diesel and Common Rail Fuel Injectors Cleaner. 

2. Fuel economy.
The new Winroad technology guarantees reduced friction, helping you achieve an average of 2.5%* in fuel savings. Proven by tests carried out on various vehicles. Relative additives: Petrol, Diesel and Common Rail Fuel Injectors Cleaner 

3. Compatibility with biodiesel, no "side effects".
By law, diesel fuel contains a percentage of biodiesel, between 4.5 and 7%**. Biodiesel is a bio-fuel, i.e. fuel obtained from renewable sources, such as plant oils (rapeseed and sunflower) and animal fats. Adding it to diesel fuel causes specific problems: it tends to increase debris and build-up in the fuel system and injectors. Arexons new Winroad formula for additives is a solution to this specific need, fighting the formation of build-up and therefore avoiding obstructions in the vehicle fuel system. Relative additives: all Arexons additives for Diesel 

4. Innovative formula for winter additive.
The Winroad technology is developed specifically to avoid diesel fuel from freezing at low temperatures and therefore avoiding the filter from clogging and subsequent problems during cold starts. As temperatures drop, the low-soluble paraffins contained in the diesel fuel separate into crystals, settling by gravity and clogging the filter, blocking the flow of fuel. By adding Arexons new additive to diesel, the paraffins are distributed evenly, it prevents the formation of crystals and stops them from clogging the diesel fuel filter.
In comparison to traditional additives, ones with Winroad technology improve overall performance, guaranteeing a very low freezing point and, above all, keeping performance high even after the tank is exposed to temperatures of -13° for 6 hours, with a performance level just below that of diesel fuel that has not been stored in cold temperatures for an extended period of time, an element which is otherwise the main cause for lower performance of winter diesel and traditional additive 

*This percentage is subject to change based on weight, car conditions, tyre pressure, speed, driving skills and type of route (mainly in and outside of city)
** Ministerial Decree of 25 January 2010 

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