Sealing hydraulic system threads

During work on hydraulic systems, we sometimes need to seal the threading on valves or pipes. There are numerous thread sealing products available, the most common being plumber's hemp, combined with paste, or teflon.
These two methods require a certain amount of experience in terms of application as, to make a perfect seal, you need to be able to distinguish between right and left threads, and how to stop the seal from coming apart while the pieces are being screwed together. 
These two methods, however, do not allow the parts to be assembled back in place without losing the seal.

Accordingly, many products have been developed, with improved performance, easier to apply, and technically superior as anaerobic thread sealants. These products, which are liquid, are applied by simply pouring a few drops onto the threading, previously cleaned with a solvent, and going ahead with assembly. It is possible to re-position the pieces to find the correct position, and polymerisation, hence the seal, will be complete after just a few minutes.

Anaerobic thread sealants are also certified for use with drinking water and gas. 
If the parts need to be taken apart again, this can be done using regular tools and, once they have been cleaned again, they can be re-used and re-assembled.

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