How to replace seals with MOTORSIL D

During normal industrial maintenance activities it is often necessary to replace seals.
This procedure, which is essentially quite simple, is complicated by the fact that the seals that need changing have different shapes, thicknesses and materials, each one with its own specific function. It is almost impossible to have spare seals for each type, and often it is nearly as impossible to wait for the right part.
Whatever the case, MotorsilD provides an alternative, a liquid silicone seal that is resistant to high temperatures and can be used to create seals of any shape and thickness.
Simply clean the substrate with a solvent that does not leave residues, apply a strip of product, of the required size, and wait a few minutes. You can now close the coupling and within a few hours the seal will have polymerised perfectly, and will be fully functioning.
When it will be necessary to perform another maintenance activity, MotorsilD is easy to remove. The seal simply rips off, without leaving any residues.

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