Which air freshener for your car?

Comfort inside your car is a question of smell.
For many people their car is a place where they spend a lot of time, some even spend more time in their car than at home. And just like in your home, it is also important that the air in your car is healthy and pleasant.
Arexons offers drivers a broad choice of solutions in terms of functions, design and, obviously, fragrance.

'My world is' Line
This is a gel air freshener. It is easy to apply to the air vent, it does not get in the way of driving and thanks to its silicone gel formula, it is guaranteed to be long-lasting. 'My world is' is available in 6 fragrances from faraway lands and in different styles, to suit the style of the individual choosing it: your driving experience will turn into a unique journey for the senses.

Airtech car
Airtech is a rechargeable liquid air freshener. It is applied to the air vent and stands out for its innovative design, in terms of both appearance and function. In particular, thanks to its special "T" design, the fragrance can be released front the front or from the side, freshening the entire interior. Airtech is rechargeable and available in 4 fragrances.

Zen Essence: Wood cap
Zen Essence belongs to the family of air fresheners that hang from the rear-view mirror and stands out from the rest by its discreet and elegant design. Meditation and calm, fundamental principles of the Zen philosophy, have inspired the simple and minimalist appearance of Zen Essence car air fresheners. In Eastern philosophy the term Zen also means positive energy and vitality, concepts represented by the various fragrances in this range, sweet and seductive or fresh and dynamic. The fragrance is released by soaking the wood cap. Simply turn the bottle upside down for a few seconds. Zen Essence is available in 6 fragrances.

Fresca foglia
The Fresca Foglia line is also part of the family of air fresheners that hang from the rear-view mirror, a great car air freshener classic. Made of felt paper in a classic leaf-shape, it freshens the air and adds some joy to the car interior. Fresca Foglia is available in 12 fragrances in the felt paper version, and 8 different fragrances in the hanging bottle version.

Odor Cancel: fresh, sanitised air
Sometimes we need more than just fragrance. Car interiors that smell of smoke or have hosted animals require an anti-odour treatment. In addition, it is also good practice to sanitise the interior surfaces and textiles on a regular basis. The efficient and practical solution is Odor Cancel car air freshener, which is also ideal for drivers who do not wish to have fresheners hanging from their rear-view mirror or applied to the air vent. Spray around the entire interior to freshen and sanitise the air. Odor Cancel can also be used in the home, and is available in 2 fragrances. Odor Cancel: use it when you want, when you need it.

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