Polishing your car without scratching it

Polishing a car is tricky operation. If, on the one hand we can admire the final result, on the other hand we need to remember that by polishing our car we risk making dozens and dozens of tiny scratches.

It is important to use any type of brush as little as possible, to reduce the risk of scratching and marking the paint with small stones caught in the bristles or through worn bristles themselves.

The solution offered by Arexons is Shield Wax. Once you have applied Shield Wax to your car, it will be much easier to wash it without using the mechanical action of brushes.
The product creates a barrier on the car, making it easier to remove dirt, even with a simple jet of water.

This additional operation of applying Shield Wax will make any future washing operations much easier, with subsequent savings in money, time and "stress" on the car.

The car does not need to be cold to apply the wax, in fact, it can be applied in the sun without the risk of streaking. Buffing is very easy even if the product is applied unevenly or excessively, and it does not leave any white traces, not even on plastic parts.

The water-repellent formula is also very protective and tests show that after several years it is possible to see the difference in fading between treated and untreated cars.
As it does not contain any abrasive components, Shield Wax is perfect for new paint, or to buff old paint.
The protective layer makes it easier to remove highly damaging agents, such as bird droppings, before they corrode the paint.

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