It cleans and protects tyres, seals and any plastic car parts

A car is not washed properly unless the tyres, seals and all plastic parts are shining as well.
To clean and maintain the rubber and plastic parts of the car you will need to apply specific solutions and use only suitable products.
Arexons' solution is Wizzy Tyre restorer: it makes rubber parts dark and supple, and plastic parts soft. It renews and prevents cracking and chalking on unpainted hard plastic.

When you have finished washing your car use Wizzy Tyre restorer moist wipes on the sides of the tyres.
With moist towels you do not run the risk of getting rim or paint dirty.
The product formula has a high silicone content that guarantees a long-lasting effect.

Bumpers and molding
Another one of its important functions is to polish and renew the appearance of bumpers, molding and unpainted plastic details, including those on trailers and campers.
The product is also protective and will slow ageing and white streaks caused mostly by UV rays and brine.  
It works nicely on the panel between windshield and bonnet, the triangles near the rear-view mirrors, the moulding around windows, doors and along the grooves on the roof.

Cleaning convertible tops
This product satisfies the needs of Spider and plastic-top convertibles, often called soft tops, made with vulcanised rubber; in fact you can restore the appearance and protect the surface over time with this nourishing formula.
It is good practice to wash soft tops with water only, however, if it is very dirty, wash with Fucron Delicate Surfaces and dry well before using  aWizzy cloth.

Cleaning and protecting seals
This towel is very useful for cleaning and treating seals on side and boot doors, which often, due to heat or freezing, cause problems with opening and closing windows.
This product can be applied very precisely, and is easy to clean off if it accidentally gets on areas that do not require treatment.

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