How to remove minor scratches from car paint

Many of the scratches that mysteriously appear on our car paint can be removed quite easily and without having to go to the body shop.
Mirage Scratch remover is a slightly abrasive paste, perfect for removing and concealing many types of scratches, starting with ones that look like scratches but are actually just marks.
Marks left by scooter or motorbike pedals or knobs and generally by rubber objects that are the easiest to remove without a trace.
In many cases it is possible to completely remove marks left by rubbing against street furniture such as poles, barricades and guardrails, or paint marks left by the bumpers of other cars, without any effective damage.
Also, with actual scratches, if they are not too deep, we can make them almost invisible.
Mirage Scratch remover microscopically rounds the edges of the groove so that they no longer cast shadows. Light therefore reflects almost evenly and our eye no longer perceives the scratch.
Basically: if you find a scratch on your car paint, try Arexons Mirage Scratch remover before despairing or ruining your day.

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