Cloudy headlights, what can you do?

In the long-run, sun, brine, time and adverse weather cloud and yellow car headlight glass.
The result is that the beam of light projected by the headlights is less bright, reducing visibility and therefore reducing safety.
It is even possible to fix considerably compromised headlights using specific products such as Mirage Headlamps renewer, therefore avoiding costly glass replacement.
It is very easy to apply and tests prove that by using the products early-on, you can restore headlight glass transparency to the specifications required by ministerial MOT regulations.
Basically: cloudiness is bad news for headlight glass, as bad as breakage, and it is advisable to clean them carefully and regularly using suitable products, to maintain the required transparency.
Arexons products, whether they serve as prevention or repair, are the best ally for all drivers who care for their car.

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