Are you forbidden from washing your car on the roadside? Now there’s Acquazero

Very often city or building regulations forbid residents from washing cars on the road or in common areas, therefore effectively forbidding people from washing their cars at home.

This problem can be solved using Acquazero. Simply sprinkle the product onto limited areas of the vehicle and rub with a cloth, such as Wizzy multipurpose microfiber cloth, turning it over several times.
Proceed, area by area, until you have covered the entire vehicle. In addition to cleaning the paint, the product will also spread a thin layer of wax that will give the vehicle a nice, long-lasting shine.
Acquazero is also ideal when rain soils a newly-washed car.
With Acquazero, your car will go back to being perfectly clean in just a few strokes.
It is also very useful when it comes to bird droppings: as this is a very corrosive type of substance, which could ruin the car paint, it needs to be removed as soon as possible.
Again, Acquazero can be used to clean the affected area thanks to its special formula that removes dirt from the car easily and therefore without the risk of marking or scratching the paint.
Acquazero is often appreciated during car enthusiast events.
From vintage cars to meticulous tuning, it allows you to show your car in mint condition, and it is often used during photo shoots for professional magazines, such as
Acquazero removes common dirt, smog, traces of rain effectively, while it is not suitable for cars soiled with gravel and mud.

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