Arexons commitment to health, safety and the environment.

We take care of everything that is valuable, every day.

Arexons has always been very considerate when it comes to environmental protection, by strictly enforcing applicable national and international regulations, as well as through direct action, aimed at making its business sustainable. The most tangible example is most certainly the important investment made to renovate and modernise the headquarters and production facility in Cernusco sul Naviglio (Milan), with the aim of having the lowest possible environmental impact.

2727 solar panels in Cernusco.

In 2009, they were installed:

  • 1,527 solar panels were installed, that supply 350,000 kWh per year for Arexons’ production and work activities.
  • Another 1,200 panels cover the company car park and provide an additional 280,000 kWh per year, allowing Arexons to meet 35% of its annual energy requirement, reducing the CO2 emission in the atmosphere by 360 tonnes/year.

Since 2017, Arexons has been using 100% energy from certified renewable sources.

Care & Gruppocura responsible

Arexons is a member of Gruppo Cura and “Responsible Care”, the voluntary programme that promotes Sustainable Development of the Chemical Industry worldwide.

Responsible Care, a history of excellence.

Arexons is also a member of "Responsible Care", the voluntary programme that promotes Sustainable Development of the global Chemical Industry, according to values and behaviour with a focus on Safety, Health and the Environment, within the more general context of Corporate Social Responsibility.

The “Responsible Care” initiative was launched in Canada in 1984 by CCPA (Canadian Chemical Producers Association) and then adopted in 1988 by ACC (American Chemistry Council). The following year, the Programme was launched in Europe by CEFIC (European Chemical Industry Council).

Currently, the “Responsible Care” Programme brings together over 10,000 chemical companies, in more than 60 countries worldwide. The programmes change from country to country, adapting to different cultures and socio-economic contexts, but share fundamental features, defined by the ICCA (International Council of Chemical Associations), which plays a role of promotion, assistance and harmonisation in relation to:

  • adherence to guiding principles established at national level, and adhered to by the companies
  • drafting of practical guides, manuals and other multimedia means and the organisation of training workshops
  • definition of indicators, used to measure improvements in performance
  • continuous communication process on Health Safety and Environment (HSE) topics, inside and outside the company
  • use of the “Responsible Care” logo
  • sharing corporate best practices, through technical committees and workgroups
  • encouraging companies to participate effectively in the programme
  • the programme implementation verification system
In Italy, the “Responsible Care” Programme, started in 1992 and managed by Federchimica, consists of about 170 large, medium and small, Italian and foreign companies. Arexons is proud to be part of the programme, which it follows with commitment and determination.

CURA GAS&POWER, Twenty years of experience at the service of companies.

Set up in 2012 by C.U.Ra Consorzio, supporting companies in choosing the best energy solutions in terms of supplies as well as to reduce energy costs through energy efficiency measures.

To achieve and maintain high health and quality standards, Arexons S.p.A. implements and complies with the main international Bureau Veritas certifications.

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