Company profile

We are the leaders in car, industry and home maintenance products and technology.

For 90 years AREXONS has been setting the standard in car, motorbike, marine, industry, trade, DIY and home maintenance.

The leader in innovation
Arexons has innovation in its DNA, resulting from constant research and analysing the requests from the market.
It is no coincidence that we were the first to bring and produce revolutionary technologies and products in Italy that made history:

  • 1925, Seal Putties
  • 1938, SVITOL multi-purpose lubricant
  • 1949, ROLIN FLUID anti-freeze
  • 1978, FEROX rust convetrer
  • 1994, WIZZY moist towels

Through this on-going attention to innovation, performance and satisfaction of professional and private consumers, AREXONS embodies the history of auto maintenance in Italy.

Technologies for the protection of our belongings
Over time, Arexons has developed a broad range of products, spanning from the auto sector to DIY:

  • Products for car and motorbike care and maintenance
  • Auto body shine and polish
  • Engine additives
  • Car air fresheners
  • Moist towels
  • Radiator coolant
  • Fluids for braking systems
  • Multi-purpose lubricants/penetrating oils
  • Detergents
  • Rust-converter
  • Seal putties

Our strong points
No one can improvise success and leadership, and these qualities certainly cannot be upheld for almost a century without making investments and without constant attention to fully satisfying direct and end customers.

  • Strong brand image
  • Advertising and promotional investments
  • Research and development
  • Creating complete product ranges
  • High production quality standards
  • Attention to packaging and instructions for use
  • Constant merchandising activities

Strong brands in our customers' minds
The strength of our brands is a measure of Arexons constant commitment to combining performance, easy use and safety with constant commitment to communication and explanations on use.

  • AREXONS, SYSTEM, PRO BIKE, RAIN OFF, WIZZY, AUTO FA’ and ROLIN FLUID are brand-name products that provide a complete response to auto, motorbike, marine and industry needs.
  • The SVITOL multi-purpose lubricant range
  • WIZZY moist towels.
  • AIRTECH and FRESCA Foglia car air fresheners.
  • FULCRON and FULCRON CASA for surface cleaning and care.
  • FEROX, VERNIFER, FAI TU COLOR for treating and painting surfaces.

“Arexons products, maintenance as a mission and a culture” is a promise that Arexons keeps every day through the performance of its products, as well as through useful and constantly up-dated websites, full of information for people who either work with our products or simply have a problem to resolve.

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