How to waterproof shoes and textiles?

How to waterproof shoes and textiles?

Ideally we would like to wear our regular coat and shoes on rainy days and rely on excellent water-resistance.
Traditional waterproofing products have too many contraindications: they stain textiles, they may or may not be effective, they have unpleasant odours.
Arexons offers you a revolutionary solution, Fulcron Casa IMPERMEABILIZZANTE. 
Thanks to its exclusive formula based on NANO-technologies (NANO TECH components), it makes any type of textile 100% waterproof.
Fulcron Casa Impermeabilizzante makes objects waterproof without compromising breathability, it is completely odourless and most of all, it does not stain any type of textile. The "no gas" dispenser also makes the product safe to use on top quality, delicate garments such as leather shoes and suede jackets.
Fulcron Casa Impermeabilizzante can also be used in the home: it makes sofas and armchairs waterproof, therefore stopping beverages from soaking into the fabric, making them easier to clean, offering a stainless effect. It can also be used to waterproof garden furniture, sun shades and tents, ski suits and jackets, clay pots.

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